The al maraa family fled to turkey and subsists on donations from local aid offices. They live in an old farm building donated by a local resident in southern turkey.

The Guma family fled to Turkey  from Idlib more than a year ago. They are not registered refugee, and subsist solely on donations from local aid offices, whatever minor work they can get, and the kindness of Turkish Neighbors. They live in an old farm building donated by a local resident in southern turkey. Nish Nalbandian / Redux.

People often ask me what we should do about Syria or ISIS. I often put off the question because honestly, I do not know. I think early action would have been better, but we are where we are now. The bottom line is that you don’t need to know anything except that there are millions, up to 6 million, maybe more people who ‘desperately need humanitarian aid’ both within and outside of Syria. These people are living in places like Turkey, Syria’s border regions, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and in the suburbs of Damascus. Places that are easy to reach, but have not been reached by any significant international humanitarian aid. Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon are stretched to their breaking points by taking in millions of refugees. They can’t do anymore. Realize this: MILLIONS of refugees with no services.

Without even addressing the question of regime change or military action, we can all agree that these people need help. The international community, and in particular the Arab nations such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE really need to step up and take care of these people. Opening humanitarian corridors by force if necessary. Since this does not seem to be happening, the best I can offer you to do if you wish to help is to donate any amount you can afford to SAMS Foundation (Syrian American Medical Society). At least you will be doing something. And something is better than turning a blind eye.

So I’m asking you, don’t worry about trying to figure it out. Just do what you can.







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