Mar092014_8680As many of you remember, while working with Syrian Refugees this Spring in Southern Turkey I came across many families who were in dire need of help. Through the generosity of many of you I was able to raise more than $2,500, all of which went directly to help people who needed it.

I’m returning to Antep in a few days, and I will again be working within the Syrian Refugee Community, and I will again be faced with people who are facing homelessness, poverty, malnutrition, and lack of medical care. So I’m going to ask you ahead of time to help if you can. Even $5 helps.

Just like last time, there is no charitable organization, no tax deduction, no overhead, and every penny will go directly to those in need. You should only donate if you know and trust me. You should only share this with people if you know and trust me. You may not even get any recognition or a thank you. You should only do this because you feel the need to help, and because you know that I will do the right thing with the money.

Last time I started by trying to raise $500 for the Al Kadar family. Everything above that went to other families. This time I will try to find another specific family, and post info about them.

Thanks for your time, and your generosity.

To donate, please use the following link: