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Books For Sale

Sales of Photo Books help me continue to do less-lucrative personal documentary projects. The books below are both published by Daylight Books in Brooklyn. When they sell from this site, directly from me, I get to keep the profit and put it towards further projects. 

A Whole World Blind was my first book, and is from my time covering the Syrian Civil War, mostly in Aleppo. A Handful of Dust is the followup and spans the time I was living and working in Southern turkey, covering Syrians living in exile there. 


Both books are available unopened, as packaged by the publisher, for $50. They are also available hand signed by me for $75. Finally, I have a very limited edition boxed set available of both books, with a custom handmade box, both books signed, and a handwritten note and print introducing the collection. 


Thanks for your support!


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